Ethical Pest Control

Many people around the world have to deal with pests on a daily basis, and as annoying and horrendous as they may seem to us, is it really okay to kill them in unethical ways? Are those killings really justified? Although we have established that pests are a nuisance and can make a person’s life a nightmare by destroying all their favorite and expensive furniture, it still wouldn’t be humane to kill them off in brutal manners. You could repel them or find other ways to keep them off of your furniture, but you should still use humane and legal methods for doing so.

Ethical Pest Control

Legal and humane ways

Yes, even pest control can be considered illegal if you don’t do it right and according to the laws. For one, the pesticide that you use has to have been approved by the government, as otherwise it would be considered illegal, and you wouldn’t want to deal with mess that would put you in.

That aside, unless you’re some sicko that enjoys electrocuting mice and doing experiments on the random rodent that you find in the gutters, you would want to dispose of your unwelcome guests in as humanely a way as possible, as even rats and other pests deserve better than a slow torturous death. Also, it doesn’t always have to lead to death, as there are other alternatives to getting rid of rodents as well.

There are various ways that you can get rid of rodents, and here are some of them as follows:

  • Repel the rats: You can make surfaces rat proof by spraying on a detergent that will prevent them from chewing or scratching your furniture or wires or any other thing that those pests have already managed to get their hands on. You can even make the solution on your own by mixing horseradish, lots of cayenne pepper, garlic, and salad oil. After letting the mixture sit for several days, strain it and spray it onto the surfaces that you want to protect.
  • Get yourself a cat: Hiring their natural enemy for the job is perhaps the easiest way to deal with rat control. Not only are they adorable, but they’re also an excellent solution if you want to deal with mice as naturally as possible. However, do ensure that your cat stays away from areas that may have rat poison.
  • Release them far away: Another way to deal with rats and rodents humanely without delivering them to their deaths is by using a live trap, such as the two door squirrel and rat trap by Havahart. Although PETA considers it inhumane to dispose the rat off in an area more than 100 meters away from its origin, try and see if you can find a dumpster nearby… but not TOO close by.

These are just some legal and humane methods that you can try out to get rid of pests. For more information on more humane extermination methods, read more here, and if you want to learn about the legalities related to pest control, check out