How Can Lawyers Keep A Persona That Attracts People?

Lawyers are our guardians of justice, which is why keeping a good persona, a persona that attracts clients is very significant. Lawyers have to make public appearances every day, and for that reason having a groomed personality and a pleasant outlook is essential. This way clients feel more comfortable and at home with their lawyers as well. Like every other occupation, being a lawyer comes with its own set of rules and one of it is keeping yourself presentable and formal at all times. Read on and learn how you can keep your self-presentable are:

How Can Lawyers Keep A Persona That Attracts People?
How Can Lawyers Keep A Persona That Attracts People?

Removing unwanted hair:

This one is specifically for women, going to public meetings, court and lawyer meetings with upper lip hair, shabby eyebrows and hair growth on your legs and arms look very unpresentable and gives out a bad impression. We know the hassle of removing all this hair, which is why we have a solution for your i.e. laser hair removal. Yes! You heard that right and No! It won’t cost you a fortune. We bring you the best at home laser hair removal machines. The top 3 home laser hair removal machines are:

  1. LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device
  2. HailiCare IPL Hair Removal Device
  3. Braun Gillette Venus Silk

The best part of this hair removal technique is that as time passes and you hit the same follicles, again and again, the follicles start damaging and the hair growth gets restricted. There comes a time when the hair follicle is no longer able to encourage hair growth. This way, the hair on your arms and legs stop growing.

Some folks are concerned about the pain that is caused due to this laser treatment, well, it does not hurt much, definitely not as much as waxing. You just feel slight pricks and bits here and there. The pain is somewhat similar to what is felt while getting a tattoo. Also, the amount of pain depends on the area that you are applying the laser on.

The laser hair removing technique is completely safe for all skin types however, there are parts of the body that are completely forbidden to be touch by the laser beam. This includes the face, children’s skin, genital areas and tattooed skin.


Having ample clothes is part of the profession. Your formal clothing is like your uniform, except you have to wear a new one every day especially if you live and practice in a hotter climate. One way to ensure less repetition of clothes is assigning a certain suit or clothing to Monday, another one on Tuesday and so on. This way, you wear a new set of clothes every day and you can look presentable. It is imperative that you look at the details in the clothing, which includes ties, belts, and handbags for women, brochures etc. The most important part of your clothing is the fitting. Ill-fitted clothes never look presentable and give out a bad impressing.

Body odor:

Body odor of each and every person is different and comes naturally. There is nothing in it to be ashamed of but yes! Making sure you smell good is important. If you have a sour body odor make sure you use antiperspirant deodorant that keeps you from sweating. You can also keep the deo in your bag and renew it every few hours.

Bad smell or body odor is something that puts off the other person right away. So it is better to keep yourself clean and tidy along with having perfume on you at all times. One way to do this is by buying travel sized packs of your perfume and putting it in your bag, office, briefcase etc.