Thoughts on the Role of Lawyers in Society

Lawyers play an important role in our society. Both in the private and public sectors, lawyers offer many valuable services to our society and it is very important for us to recognize them. In this article, we are going to reflect on the role of lawyers in society.

The first thing that we should note is that lawyers play different roles in society although those that are not directly affected may not realize it.

The second thing that we should note is that the roles of lawyers vary depending on the countries where they are based. This is because different countries have different legal systems, rights, obligations, and duties. This means that the legal framework of the countries is what determines the roles of the lawyers in terms of flexibility when it comes to the services that they provide to consumers, traders, organizations, and others.

Thoughts on the Role of Lawyers in Society
Thoughts on the Role of Lawyers in Society

The third thing that we should note is that the roles of lawyers are constantly changing in terms of legal services, cost structures, models of legal service delivery, greater flexibility in their working practices, as written in the book, The Future of the Professions (Oxford University Press, 2016) by Richard and Daniel Susskind.

The fourth thing that we need to note is that the lawyers play a very important role in preserving, promoting and protecting the Rule of Law in society. They know the process very well and are the best when it comes to preserving it, promoting, and protecting it.

Lastly, when it comes to promoting human rights and protecting the environment, lawyers also play very important roles.

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