Lip Enhancement – Perth Beauties Talk About Their Experience

Cosmetic surgeries and body modifications were once considered a huge taboo. The world was just coming to term with lots of makeup being worn every day, and so plastic surgery was considered, well, plastic. However, because of endless endorsements by celebrities, movie stars, singers, and models, it has been normalized to some extent. Folks have finally come around to the concept of surgeries and procedures to alter the way one looks.

Surgical cosmetic procedures, however, are still difficult and require a lot of time and pre-planning. “Going under the knife” has become a common term and millions of folks all around the world opt for cosmetic procedures. However, a new technology has taken the world by storm and that is Dermal fillers. Injecting dermal fillers into the skin at strategic places to enhance the natural contour has become more popular than having surgeries. This is because the procedure is easy and involves less pain and time to settle down. It is, however, temporary and needs to be redone after a specified time.

Lip Enhancement - Perth Beauties Talk About Their Experience
Lip Enhancement – Perth Beauties Talk About Their Experience

Lip Enhancement

Full, voluminous lips have always been recognized as desirable and attractive. Celebrities have influenced women all over the world by using lip fillers to get fuller lips. Millions of clinics have sprouted up offering a plethora of cosmetic procedures and almost all of them include Lip Augmentation.

When Should You Get It?

Thin and dry flaky lips can be a result of aging, sun exposure or congenital diseases. Lip Enhancement Procedures can help you gain the full lips of your youth or they can even hydrate and moisturize your lips. In addition, they remove the wrinkles from around the corners of the mouth as well as reducing smoker’s lines. They can be used to re-contour the lips as well.

The Procedure

The first step is to consult the right doctor and convey what you want properly and clearly. The doctor will help you redefine your lips so it is important that they understand your goals. The procedure starts by numbing the lips with topical or local anesthesia. A dental block Is then placed in the mouth and the lip is injected with lip fillers. The treatment takes 30-60 minutes. The lips are a bit tender and swollen right after treatment but the swelling eventually dies down and the lips resume a more natural look. Your lips will be tender so hot food or drinks should be avoided.

Where Should You Get It?

Millions of clinics are present even in the remotest of areas that offer lip enhancement procedures. Places like Perth have especially grown in the lip augmentation business, and so most of the experts in this field are found in Perth. One such trusted lip enhancement clinic in Perth is the Iconic Medispa. They offer a free consultation with experts so you can find which lip treatment you need. Their website features a gallery where they show off before and after pictures of their happy clients. All the Perth beauties have talked about how lip enhancements from this clinic have been effective and you won’t find a single botched procedure in this case.

Whether you need a subtle natural recontouring or a full dramatic pout, Iconic Medispa can help you achieve just that. All their products are Hyaluronic based, which is a natural moisturizer in our body. Their fillers are also SWISS made, non-animal sourced as well as of the best quality. Their treatments last 9-12 months and can be redone, however, there are no obligations to continue. They offer other treatments a well such as Facials, Masks, Dermal fillers, and cosmeceuticals.